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Our skillful Ealing carpet cleaners operate with diligence and efficiency

Carpet cleaning prices Ealing carpet cleaners know that you felt really enthusiastic and excited after you bought those posh carpet, didn't you? Do you want an expert piece of advice from carpet cleaning company Ealing? Your carpets and rugs, no matter their material, need professional carpet cleaning service from time to time. It's recommended these procedures to be performed by Ealing carpet cleaning company.

Keep reading, because you are at the right place, Nice and Clean Ealing. Our experienced carpet cleaning company in Ealing is your most reliable partner when it comes maintenance of your carpets and rugs. Our efficient steam and dry Ealing carpet cleaning deeply sanitise the fabrics and kill the embedded dust mites.

For your biggest convenience, our expert carpet cleaners in Ealing are always available. Our professional carpet cleaning service is performed on site and the results are always superb.

Remember that if you rely on our thorough and professional carpet cleaning service in Ealing, you will have impeccable rugs! Learn a little bit more about our effective carpet cleaning service in Ealing:

  • Steam carpet cleaning service - basically, this is extremely strong method, founded on steam-heat extraction and applied by Ealing carpet cleaning services. After the performance of the top-to-bottom hoovering by Ealing carpet cleaners, some persistent stains must be pretreated. Then a powerful mixture of very hot water and super strong non-toxic detergent is injected into the fabric under high pressure. Thus, the dirt particles and the microbes are loosened and the new solution is immediately vacuumed back by carpet cleaners Ealing. Keep in mind that, there is no risk of residual moisture and structural damage. Thanks to this powerful and effective method applied by carpet cleaners in Ealing all regular fabrics (such as synthetics) will be perfectly steam cleaned.
  • Dry carpet cleaning service - many clients think that their carpets, made of water-sensitive materials can't be disinfected, but this is not true. These delicate, decorative and hand-knitted fabrics will be perfectly sanitised thanks to the proper cleaning formula, applied by carpet cleaning company in Ealing. Sisal, ramie, seagrass, jute - entrust us these specific rugs and take your time! They will be treated with biodegradable dry chemical compound, spread evenly over the carpet material by Ealing carpet cleaning services. It creates a strong reaction with the grime and the bacteria by attracting them. Thus, a new mixture forms and then it's vacuumed off by Ealing carpet cleaners, leaving the rug completely disinfected and refreshed.

Carpet cleaning company Ealing - awesome final results

If you are pleased and satisfied, then it looks like carpet cleaners in Ealing have accomplished the mission. Invite Ealing carpet cleaners in your lovely house and entrust us your stained and filthy carpets! When our carpet cleaners in Ealing finish, you will be charmed by the final outcome. There will be no trace of grime, spots and discoloration. In brief, your rugs will look like brand new thanks to our carpet cleaning service Ealing. It will be a pleasure for you to use Ealing carpet cleaning services again. Actually, the entire interior will be refreshed thanks to Ealing carpet cleaning company.

The budget-friendly price policy of Nice and Clean Ealing will make your decision easier and our affordable rates won't cause any shrinkage of your domestic budget.

Finally - Scotchgard Protector is the defense which will keep the stunning results much longer.

Call Nice and Clean Ealing on 020 3519 2538 and join our satisfied customers!

Steam Cleaning Prices:

Ealing Carpet Cleaning
  • Bedroom £25.00
  • Living/dining room £30.00
  • Through lounge £45.00
  • Flight of stairs £25.00
  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £37.00
  • Living/dining room £45.00
  • Through lounge £67.00
  • Flight of stairs £37.00
  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

Get acquainted with the features of our End of tenancy cleaning.

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